What is Mobile Learning?: Definition, Benefits & Top Tips

Research shows that m-learning improves productivity by up to 43%, with learners completing courses up to 45% faster than those learning via desktop. Short form content that can be completed on the go enables learning to be embedded within existing workflows, empowering your workers rather than disrupting them. This led to one educational mobile application development of our AI technologies called the Community Builder (CoBi). With the help of the teacher, students work in small groups to input their examples of agreements into the CoBi interface. As students engage in collaborative learning, CoBi analyzes student discourse for evidence, or “noticings,” of these agreement categories.

Mobile Learning

Some students need instructors to break down concepts or explain them in a different way, perhaps with different examples or some one-on-one practice. It’s no secret that more and more people today access the Internet from a smartphone. Desktop and laptop computers are still popular, and instead of choosing just one device, it has become the norm to own multiple devices and use them for different activities [1]. Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading providers of online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Data Science, IT, Software Development, and many other emerging technologies.

Mobile Learning

By creating apps that are compatible across several smartphone and tablet platforms, employees can use their own devices to access fact cards, a resource library, reminders, videos, and even games. Second, do you want to simply optimize your content for mobile access, or build a standalone mobile module? With Easy LMS, you can easily create tests and training materials with videos, images, and much more. It’s also possible to share a survey with your users that they can answer during a lecture or training session if you are using a blended learning approach. Do you stare into space, observe people, or whip out your cell phone and browse?

  • The designs feature multi-device support, but they still map to the way learners use the laptops/desktops.
  • Research by Dr. Alex Heiphetz shows that mobile learning can help improve knowledge retention by a whopping 55% compared to traditional training methods.
  • This type of learning is often paired with microlearning, where information is delivered in small chunks in short sessions.
  • Though not provided by all mLearning platforms, seamless access is fast becoming a crucial element of mobile-based training solutions.
  • Mobile learning is also known as mLearning and is a new way to get access to a variety of content available online through the use of a mobile.

Creating engaging, relevant content will ensure that your mobile learning delivers exactly what you need it to. It might be that you choose to start with an existing platform, with the aim of developing your own in the future, once you better understand your organization’s unique needs. Microlearning and gamification are both used to engage learners, simplifying a challenging subject and providing a real benefit. SoloLearn is an app for learning programming and coding in a variety of different languages.

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The days where individuals love to sit behind their office desk to learn are long gone. Today’s learners want to learn without being at a particular place and at a specific time. Apart from the fact that it allows people to determine where and when to learn, mLearning also allows students to act voluntarily on their own, thus increasing their chances of being engaged in the learning process. If not done right, bringing mobile phones into the workplace can act as a distraction.

In 2021, statistics show that 80% of the world’s population owns and uses a smartphone, and estimates suggest that by 2025, 72% of internet users will use only their smartphones to access the internet. This number grew by 1.9% in 2021, and the global pandemic caused a surge in activity, almost doubling the amount of mobile data used from 7.2GB to 11.6GB. Ensure that your learning content is designed around your workers’ needs. If your team is lacking this kind of expertise, you might want to consider opting for learning consultancy to ensure that you get the most out of your m- learning software and drive real business results. That’s why it’s important to choose a platform which makes training as engaging and interactive as possible, so as to maintain your learners’ attention.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Learning

Or, you create an eLearning module that can be viewed on smartphones so learners can check it out anytime, anywhere. They created an app that provides bite-sized learning modules, enabling their employees to access leadership training content whenever they have a few spare minutes. This approach has made learning more flexible and integrated into employees’ daily routines.

Mobile Learning

Sign up to get the latest industry tips, insights, and trends from our team of learning experts. During the COVID-19 lockdown period in the first half of 2020, Google donated 4,000 Chromebooks to students in California and offered free Wi-Fi for at least three months to 100,000 households in rural areas. As a trainer, you understand that employee training has more advantages than disadvantages.

Things You Should Know About Connected Learning

For example, an organization wants a tool that helps employees successfully complete compliance training. Next, you’ll have to decide if it’s better to enchance and add to your existing platform and LMS, or if it makes more sense to change to something completely new. TED-ed is the education arm of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) video platform. Offering over 40 languages, Duolingo is the most downloaded education app in the world. According to Domo.com, every minute of the day, 5.7 million google searches are performed, 12 million messages are sent on iMessage, and 6 million people shop online. The sheer scale of mobile activity is now almost unimaginable – and is growing fast year on year.

“We need to realise that those languages have been here for a long time, we need to keep them strong and bring them back into our homes.” WCC Language Program project manager Joel Harrison said the app is designed with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in mind. “I don’t know of anything like it for any language on Earth, but I can see that it has a lot of potential for future development to make it more comprehensive.” Chances are that you have some of the content ready for mLearning already. Implementing mLearning just means seeing that content in a new, condensed light. Create quizzes, collect homework, and more with Jotform’s online education forms.

Internet connectivity or hardware issues can create barriers

Creating effective content requires skill, money, and time, and corners are often cut. Once these questions are answered, you should have a more complete idea about which option is the best for your organization. In a crowded marketplace, Udemy has distinguished itself as a leading eLearning platform with a massive library of courses. The app offers lessons, coding challenges against other users, coding contests, a repository of code that users can upload to, and discussion forums.

Mobile Learning

IBM implemented mobile learning as part of its corporate training strategy. They developed the “IBM Think Academy” app, which offers employees access to a wide range of training resources, including videos, articles, and interactive modules. This enables IBM employees to learn and develop new skills at their own pace using their mobile devices.

Ensuring Tech Infrastructure Can Support Mobile Learning

Classroom teaching seldom takes into account students’ learning styles or preferences, but mobile learning helps solve this problem. Teachers can put images, presentations, audio files, or YouTube videos into their content to suit varying learning styles and reinforce what was taught in their brick and mortar classroom or virtual classroom. In other words, mobile learning supports all types of media and eLearning features to create a dynamic and engaging experience. Though not provided by all mLearning platforms, seamless access is fast becoming a crucial element of mobile-based training solutions.

M-learning in corporate education

The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to conduct in-depth, nonpartisan research to improve policy and governance at local, national, and global levels. You can level up your Data Science skills with Tableau certification and courses for R and Python. Leverage ML and AI to solve real-world problems with courses, including NLP and Deep Learning. I hope the pointers mentioned in this article on the value and significance of mLearning help you implement it in your corporate training environment effectively. This is a major issue in rural areas where access to the internet and supply of electricity is not yet prevalent. Offering the option of mLearning to people in these areas does not make sense, as they do not have the basic facilities required to execute mLearning.

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We didn’t want to build anything without first working with the students themselves. We organized workshops with them to be transparent, acquire their trust and have their voices heard. However, we soon realized that it was challenging for youth to imagine what good collaboration could look like beyond what they had experienced in school. Our idea is thinking of AI as this social collaborative partner immersed in these small groups to help them along. The AI is providing decision support around the teacher to help them orchestrate their classroom as they see best.

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