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And the tests were failing on the smaller form factor phones. What happened was that the button near the bottom got pushed outside of the screen to a place where the user would never be able to reach it. Due to the fact that the app has to be deployed and then executed on the device the test takes a couple of seconds to run through.

xamarin test cloud

Long story short, I described the kinds of tests that are available with reference to mobile development. Now you know what the possible test frameworks are and how tests are performed on Android and iOS. The last type of test is called a Regression Test, and it is not included in the picture. This type of test is being used to check if our current code works with the previous versions (for instance, if newly a written class works properly with others).

Xamarin Test Cloud is now part of Visual Studio App Center

Xamarin is still a reliable framework with all the required capabilities, but it is still needed to make an impact, in the long run, to meet diverse market needs. It is important to choose based on the project requirements and budget constraints. Both are built on Mono, an open-source version of the .NET framework based on the .NET ECMA standard. Mono has been around for many years as the .NET framework itself.

xamarin test cloud

Xamarin Test Cloud makes it easier for users to generate detailed test reports. The testers even have the option to generate reports for individual tests. Testers can even improve the quality of reports by including high-resolution screenshots.

Xamarin vs. React Native

As LambdaTest supports running tests on cloud-based infrastructure, you do not have to spend additional time or money configuring your test environment. The success of Xamarin websites and apps relies on multiple teams that work in close collaboration to deliver desired outcomes. The testing is performed by both developments as well as testing teams. The same codebase can be used for both platforms without remembering the syntax related to different languages every time.

xamarin test cloud

Later, if you already have some apps in here, you can also create a new Test Run for that app. So not only can you run automated scripts on it, you can also remote debug your app on a device that you do not actually own. So if the app crashes or a bug is discovered on only a specific set of devices, you can reserve some time for it on Test Cloud and debug your app on it.

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It has a vast number of users which ranges from 1.4 million developers over 120 countries. Mobile apps have already become part of our daily lives including when we make purchases, when socializing and so on. Various frameworks and tools exist for developing mobile apps with great interfaces. In this article, the focus will be on the Xamarin platform, which helps designers and developers build native iOS, Android and Windows applications. We are going review how to check your app and find defects by using the Xamarin.UI tests before releasing the app to real customers. CEO and co-founder of Xamarin, Nat Friedman, announced the alliance at the launch of Visual Studio 2013 in New York.

  • Xamarin.UITest is a test creation framework that can be used to create user interface tests via the NUnit Test Library.
  • The testing is performed by both developments as well as testing teams.
  • For this sample, I have used a Xamarin.Forms app, using XAML.
  • It is also possible to target other different platforms such as Tizen (by Samsung), GTK (Linux), WPF and macOS even though they have stayed in Preview.
  • Now the test has been added with some additional lines that capture a screenshot of the app.
  • As Friedman noted, one of the nifty features of Test Cloud is that users don’t even have to write a test to get some early results (he called it a “gateway drug” in our interview).
  • @IlyaBausovAkvelon The builds we are uploading to TestFlight are release builds.

Xamarin as a cross-platform mobile application development platform which makes it easy for developers to build native apps for Android, iOS and Windows using a single code base written in C#. But this does not simplify the work of developers, still, the developers have to put additional time and effort to ensure that the application runs flawlessly on a wide variety of devices. Developers have to perform elaborate user interface acceptance testing in order to assess the application’s usage and user interaction effectively. Xamarin Test Cloud help enterprises in automating UI acceptance testing effort.

What is Xamarin Test Cloud for?

They also need to assess functionality and performance of the application in various environments. Using the common behaviors like rotating the device, pressing any button, changing GPS location, tapping or swiping the screen, users can assess the xamarin test cloud functionality of the mobile application. Test Cloud is a pretty ingenious product that solves a real problem for mobile developers. It allows users to easily write user interface tests and then see how their apps perform on real-world devices.

Developer-friendly analytics make it easy to discover how to improve your apps.


In the next section, we’ll discuss more about LambdaTest and how it helps you with Xamarin testing. There is information about the number of tests (with results also) and devices on which these tests were launched. If you are interested in broadening your knowledge about cross-platform tests (but not only), I recommend checking the “XTC101” and “XTC102” courses available at the Xamarin University. REMEMBER that the app needs to be installed on the emulator before you start testing. As you can see, we have to set “Platform” parameter to indicate on which platform we want to test the app.

The Xamarin UITest is a framework based on the popular NUnit testing library, which enables developers to write tests in C#. Introduced in 2014 with over 1,000 physical devices, Xamarin Test Cloud was unique in its kind. At Xamarin, they surveyed a large number of developers and concluded that 80% of the developers were relying on manual testing on devices. On the other hand, the survey also pointed out that 75% of these developers thought that the quality of their apps is top priority. After creating the test we can run it on either Android or iOS.

Challenges and approaches to automating Angular app testing

Other options include the ability to filter by form factor or OS version. There is no real limit on how many devices you can select here. With a Test Run, you specify a test series, the devices included in this test run and what locale the devices should have.

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