How to Write an Invoice: Step by Step Guide

how to make an invoice

Excel offers a variety of clean, easy-to-use invoice templates, depending on your needs. However, you may run into the same logistical challenges as sending invoices via Word. There are a variety of easy, professional-looking how to make an invoice templates in Word. Creating invoices this way can work well, especially if you are most familiar with the software. Printing and sending paper invoices via snail mail can have a long turnaround time.

10 Questions for Andrew Wynn, Founder and Co-CEO of Ascend – Workers Comp Forum

10 Questions for Andrew Wynn, Founder and Co-CEO of Ascend.

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If you’re sending your invoice via email, write a clear subject line. From the ‘Billing Items’ section under ‘Discount’, you can enter the discount percent for each product or service (e.g., 10%). Wix Invoice Generator will automatically calculate the discount value for each line item and apply it to the balance of your invoice. Mary Girsch-Bock is the expert on accounting software and payroll software for The Ascent. A few of our favorites, Wave Accounting, Xero, and QuickBooks Online, offer terrific invoicing capability, as well as the option to customize your invoices. One of the most important things you want to do is manage your customers or clients properly.

Does your software offer integration to QuickBooks Online or other accounting software?

Below, we’ll dive into how you can customize your invoice to be unique to your business. Here’s a simple invoice template to help you bill your customers. Make a copy, and you’ll be able to create an invoice on any device with Google Docs.

how to make an invoice

Then fill in the price and the quantity –– the quantity will vary depending on whether you are charging hourly or by project. You’ll also want to check or uncheck the box under “tax”, depending on whether or not you’re including taxes. Using a clear line by line description of the goods you’ve sold – or the services you’ve provided – is crucial to avoid confusion. Remember to add how many of each item was sold if relevant. Do you work with customers, suppliers and employees abroad? Then it’s time to say goodbye to slow and costly international transfers and meet Wise Business.

Keep Your Invoices in One Place

More information is necessary to avoid confusion and delays in payment. Either way, the same information will be needed in order to create a proper invoice. This invoice template is ideal for modern accounting businesses and other corporate services that want to stand out with a non-boring, professional invoice design. All 100 of the professionally designed invoice templates are free to use. Simply choose your favorite template and add your information.

Invoice terms can vary widely depending on your industry, company policy or history with the client. However, clarifying what’s been agreed, as well as the consequences of either party breaking this agreement is important to protect both the buyer and the seller. Penalties may include late fees or additional charges if an invoice is not settled on time, for example. The invoice generator will calculate the total balance due from the line items entered. You’ll be able to review, check, and make amendments as needed, and change the currency as you wish. Next, use the online invoice generator to enter the costs of each item sold, or the hourly rate agreed and the number of hours worked.

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